Welcome to D’s Knitting blog!

My name is Dee and I’m so happy to finally open up and share my passion for knitting with you guys .. it’s nearly 4 years since yarns and hooks became a part of my life 😉 

I am so thankful for that,  I read once ‘”in knitting, mistakes are forgivable, drop stitches happen .. so mistakes happen’”  with each mistake knitting taught me patience and forgiveness

 what I am trying to say is that we have to continue doing what we love regardless of our mistakes

Now I am the girl who knits!! and proud to say that they are 100% made with LOVE , filled with PASSION and the reason for happiness to those who will own it .. so inshallah it will meet your expectations

Can’t wait to see your comments and feedback

My passion for crochet

Crochet is an amazing process of creating a beautiful projects from only a yarn and a hook! the transformation from a little square pattern into a blanket or a scarf, to dedicate time and effort just to end up with a beautiful masterpiece

Eventually, when you finish it its gives you a quite good feeling specially after you see your own knitting and crochet projects on others wearing them!! Cuuute !! proud too!

Yes, and one more thing , Through your purchases , D’s Knitting donate 10% of profit to families in need

Blissed of doing something I passion about .. plus making a different




The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are

xoxo .. Dee

Find your hobby or passion

    صباح النور والإشراقة Morning Morning my friends شلونكم أصدقائي شخباركم ان شاءالله دوم بصحه وعافيه طبعا كل إنسان بالحياه عنده مجالات يبدع فيها .. ساعات تكون افكار مألوفه و متداولة لكن لمساته الخاصه معطية رونق وإقبال، وأحيانا تكون افكار مبتكره ويديده وتكتسح الساحه بكل جاذبيه ، وبالحالتين برافوو،، تخيلوا ان هذا التميز موجود …

Morning gorgeous audience

صباح الصباحات الجميلة شلونكم أصدقائي شخباركم ان شاءالله دوم بصحه وعافيه ،  طبعا بالبدايه ادري وااايد منكم morning persons و أغلبكم العكس  انا طبعا من الناس الصباحية ، كل شئ يكون جزء من لحظات الصباح تقدرون تقولون انه من الأشياء المقدسة بالنسبة لي ،، قهوتي والطاقة اللي أستمدها من ريحتها و الشمس داخل بيتي، والعصافير …

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